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Power napping, stress management, and jet lag

Several animals just take naps for the duration of the working day. Our ancestors almost certainly napped throughout the day as well. They undoubtedly did not commit as several hours as we do beneath psychological stress. In truth, the lives of our Paleolithic ancestors would search fairly boring to a modern human. Mental pressure can be seen as a modern poison. We need to have antidotes for that poison. Energy napping appears to be 1 of them.


Power napping is a subject that I have completed some analysis on, but sadly I do not have access to the references correct now. I am putting up this from Europe, the place I arrived a handful of times ago. Thus I am labeling this publish “my experience”. With any luck , I will be in a position to compose a more analysis-large publish on this subject matter in the close to long term. I am fairly confident that there is a strong relationship between electricity napping and pressure hormones. Probably our standard and experienced commenters can support me fill this hole in their remarks on this publish.

Astonishingly, jet lag has been only extremely minor this time for me. The time difference between most of Europe and Texas is about 8 several hours, which tends to make adaptation quite challenging, particularly coming above to Europe. In spite of that, I slept for the duration of significantly of my 1st night right here. The identical occurred in the subsequent nights, even although I can feel that my entire body is nevertheless not completely adapted to the new time zone.

How arrive? I am all but positive that this is a direct result of my current experience with electrical power napping.

I have been working towards energy napping for many months now. Generally in the center of the afternoon, between 3 and 4 pm, I lie down for about 15 minutes in a sleeping position on a yoga mat. I use a pillow for the head. I close my eyes and try to obvious my mind of all feelings, focusing on my breathing, as in meditation. When I come to feel like I am about to enter deep sleep, I get up. This normally occurs 15 minutes right after I lie down. The indication that I am about to enter deep sleep is obtaining incoherent thoughts, like in dreaming. Frequently I have muscle mass jerks, called hypnic jerks, which are completely standard. Hypnic jerks are also a indication that it is time for me to get up.

Following obtaining up I constantly truly feel very refreshed and relaxed. My potential to do mental function is also significantly enhanced. If I make the blunder of going additional, and actually moving into a deep snooze phase, I get up experience extremely groggy and sleepy. So the energy nap has to conclude at about 15 minutes for me. For most folks, this time ranges from ten to 20 minutes. It seems that as soon as one enters a deep slumber stage, it is much better to then rest for at the very least a few several hours.

Electrical power napping is not as easy as it appears. If 1 can not enter a point out of meditation at the starting, the onset of sleep does not occur. You have to be in a position to clear your thoughts of feelings. Focusing on your respiratory aids. Apparently, once you turn into experienced at power napping, you can then induce true slumber in nearly any predicament – e.g., on a flight or when you arrive in one more nation. That is what occurred with me for the duration of this trip. Even although I have been waking up at night time considering that I arrived in Europe, I have been controlling to go correct again to snooze. Beforehand, in other outings to Europe, I would be not able to go back to slumber after I woke up in the middle of the night.

Electrical power napping looks to also be an effective device for stress management. In our active contemporary lives, with a lot of day-to-day stressors, it is frequent for significant mental anxiety to established in around eight to nine hrs after 1 wakes up in the early morning. For an individual waking up at seven am, this will be about three to 4 pm in the afternoon. Energy napping, when carried out appropriate, would seem to be really powerful at relieving that type of tension.
Title: Power napping, stress management, and jet lag
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