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Tender cuts of meat for the grill: Filet mignon and bison

Filet mignon is 1 of the tenderest cuts of beef. It is also 1 of my favorites. Filet mignon arrives from the tenderloin area (see this image), which is not a fat-bearing area and as a result is very tender. The bison cuts I get here in South Texas are close in conditions of tenderness, but not as tender, most likely since they are from the spherical area.

One steak of either filet mignon or bison will yield about a hundred g of cooked meat, with thirty g of protein and 10 g of unwanted fat. About half of that unwanted fat will be saturated and 50 % monounsaturated (as in olive oil). It will supply you with lots of vitamins (distinct B nutritional vitamins) and minerals. Good amounts of selenium, phosphorus, zinc and potassium.

On the picture beneath (click on on it to enlarge), the bison steak is at the prime. The other pieces are all filet mignon cuts. They are all medium-cooked. I cooked two plates of these, for six men and women. All ate to fulfillment, with a side salad. The leftovers are tasty for breakfast in tiny amounts.

For the filet mignon, I feel you actually have to go to a specialty meats retailer (butcher) and make positive that they lower the more compact tail conclude of the tenderloin muscle. You will be paying out a whole lot for it, so it tends to make sense to be picky. Expertise butchers will lower it appropriate in front of you and will not mind your choosiness.

Below is a straightforward recipe basic like most of the recipes on this website. I like my meals quick and scrumptious.

- Prepare some dry seasoning powder by mixing sea salt, garlic electrical power, chili powder, and a tiny quantity of cayenne pepper.
- Year the steaks at the very least 2 hours prior to putting them on the grill.
- Grill with the lid on, checking the meat each 10 minutes or so. (I use charcoal, 1 layer only to steer clear of burning the surface area of the meat.) Change it usually, always placing the lid back again on.
- If you like it unusual, twenty minutes (or a bit much less) might be enough.

These are as tender as any piece of beef can possibly get. No need for any tenderizer juices in the course of seasoning. If you are doing each filet mignon and bison together, both eat only bison or bison initial. Simply because after you taste the filet mignon, the bison reduce could flavor a little bit challenging!

For me the filet mignon is a ten-greenback per pound take care of for special occasions. The price of the bison reduce is about the same, at the very least below in Laredo, Texas, where I get it delivered from Dakota by way of my regional grocery store. You can also get it on the web.

By the way, some folks like to say that bison is the “salmon of the prairie”. This is in reference to bison’s omega-three articles. Well, listed here is the polyunsaturated fatty acid composition of 100 g of bison steak: 29 mg of omega-three, and 197 mg of omega-6. For salmon it is 1424 mg of omega-three, and 113 mg of omega-six.

Salmon of the prairie or not, I adore it!
Title: Tender cuts of meat for the grill: Filet mignon and bison
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