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Lucy was a vegetarian and sapiens an omnivore: Plant foods as natural supplements

Early hominid ancestors like the Australopithecines (e.g., Lucy) ended up most likely rigorous vegetarians. Meat consumption looks to have transpired at least sometimes amid Homo habilis, with more popular consumption amid Homo erectus, and Homo sapiens (i.e., us).

The determine under (from: simply click on it to enlarge) exhibits a depiction of the human lineage, in accordance to a extensively acknowledged theory produced by Ian Tattersall. As you can see, Neanderthals are on a diverse branch, and are not thought to have been part of the human lineage.

Does the obvious transfer towards increased meat intake suggest that a meat-only diet regime is optimal for you?

The answer is “perhaps” especially if your ancestors had been Inuit and you retained their genetic diversifications.

Meals specialization tends to enhance the odds of extinction of a species, due to the fact modifications in the surroundings could lead to the elimination of a single food supply, or a minimal set of meals sources. On a scale from extremely specialized to omnivorous, evolution should normally favor variations toward the omnivorous conclude of the scale.

Meat, which by natural means comes jointly with body fat, has the advantage of being an strength-dense foodstuff. Given this gain, it is achievable that the human species developed to be solely meat eaters, with usage of plant meals getting mainly optional. But this goes relatively in opposition to what we know about evolution.

Consumption of plant subject AND meat – that is, currently being an omnivore – sales opportunities to specified digestive tract diversifications, which would not be existing if they were not totally essential. These adaptations are as well high priced to be retained with out a excellent purpose.

The digestive tract of pure carnivores is usually shorter than that of omnivores. Expanding a lengthier digestive tract and maintaining it healthy during a lifetime is a expensive proposition.

Permit us suppose that an historic human team migrated to a geographical region that pressured them to adhere to a specific type of diet plan, like the historical Inuit. They would most likely have advanced diversifications to that diet. This evolution would not have taken thousands and thousands of a long time to arise it might have taken location in as tiny as 396 a long time, if not much less.

In spite of divergent variations that might have occurred relatively just lately (i.e., in the last a hundred,000 a long time, right after the emergence of our species), among the Inuit for occasion, we likely have also species-vast variations that make an omnivorous diet generally optimum for most of us.

Meat appears to have many wellness-advertising and a few harmful qualities. Plant food items have a lot of well being-marketing homes, and hence may possibly act like “natural supplements” to a mostly meat-based diet program. As Biesalski (2002) put it as element of a discussion of meat and cancer:

“… meat is composed of a number of, not clearly defined most cancers-selling and a lot of most cancers-protecting aspects. The latter can be optimized by a diet program made up of fruit and greens, which contain hundreds of a lot more or significantly less proven bioactive constituents, many of them displaying antioxidative and anticarcinogenic results in vitro.”


Biesalski, H.K. (2002). Meat and cancer: Meat as a element of a wholesome diet. European Journal of Clinical Nourishment, 56(one), S2-S11.
Title: Lucy was a vegetarian and sapiens an omnivore: Plant foods as natural supplements
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