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Does tallness cause heart disease? No, but sex does

var citeN=0Popular beliefs about medical problems are occasionally motivated by a statistical phenomenon acknowledged as “spurious relationship”, amid other names. Two variables X and Y are influenced by a third variable C, which prospects to X and Y getting correlated and as a result the effect that X and Y are causally linked.

Just take a search at the desk under, which I blogged about in a prior publish (citeN=citeN+1document.publish(Amount(citeN))). This desk displays that there is a sturdy unadjusted correlation amongst height and arterial stiffness, a marker of coronary heart condition. The likelihood that the correlation is due to possibility is decrease than 1 tenth of a proportion point (P<.001).

Apparently, the authors of the study even use height as a handle variable to slender down the “true” leads to of arterial stiffness (column with adjusted final results), assuming that top did indeed influence arterial stiffness and what they located to be a crucial predictor of arterial stiffness, 2-hour postprandial glucose.

But there is no convincing evidence that top causes coronary heart disease, with exception of pathological extremes – e.g., acromegaly. Extremes are likely to influence statistical benefits relatively, top to conflicting conclusions that stop up currently being disseminated by the well-known media (citeN=citeN+1document.publish(Quantity(citeN))). This is a single of the resources of popular beliefs about health-related problems.

Yet another, a lot more crucial, source are actual confounders. And this takes us back to the issue of top becoming linked with heart condition. In fact, top will usually be significantly related with heart disease in nearly any research that consists of guys and ladies and does not control for biological sexual intercourse.

One particular of the causes is that females all round have a tendency to have a considerably reduce incident of coronary heart ailment than gentlemen. The other is that top is substantially reduced amid ladies than men, on typical, even though there are numerous girls who are taller than the common male.

The table previously mentioned was from a study which includes both sexes. As a result, the robust association amongst peak and arterial stiffness is a “reflection” of the powerful affiliation between currently being male and enhanced arterial stiffness. If 1 were to include a variable coded as for male and 1 for female, and use it in a multivariate examination of predictor of arterial stiffness, jointly with peak, the impact of top would almost certainly “disappear”.

Biological intercourse is the control variable, the “confounder”, that the authors ought to have used to slim down the “true” brings about of arterial stiffness (next column in the desk). In the absence of biological sexual intercourse, managing for top completed something equivalent, but in a “wobbly” way, leaving several readers scratching their heads in confusion.

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Ischemic heart disease among Greenland Inuit: Data from 1962 to 1964

The classic Inuit diet is quite substantial in animal protein and body fat. It also includes plant subject. Generally it is produced up largely of the pursuing: fish, walrus, seal, whale, berries, and fireweed (of which syrups and jellies can be manufactured).

Kjærgaard and colleagues (see under References, at the stop of this put up) examined info from an Inuit populace in Greenland from 1962 to 1964, prior to the weighty westernization of their diet program that is noticed these days. They investigated 96.nine% of the entire populace in three regions, such as Ammassalik in East Greenland (n = 1,851).

Of individuals, only 181 grown ups, or %, experienced everything that seemed like an abnormality that could advise ischemia. This included ventricular hypertrophy (an enlargement of the coronary heart chambers), foremost to an overestimation since benign ventricular hypertrophy is induced by constant bodily exertion. These 181 adults ended up then picked for even more screening.

Benign ventricular hypertrophy is also identified as athlete's heart, due to the fact it is widespread between athletes. A prevalence of ventricular hypertrophy at a comparatively young age, and declining with age, would propose benign hypertrophy. The reverse would suggest pathological hypertrophy, which is usually induced by persistent hypertension.

As you can see from the figure beneath, from Kjærgaard et al. (2009), the sample noticed between the Inuit was of benign hypertrophy, suggestive of powerful bodily exertion at a youthful age.

A sample of benign hypertrophy induced by sturdy actual physical activity is also regular with studies by Stefansson (1958) about the life of the Eskimos in Northern Alaska. It is affordable to presume that these Eskimos had a diet program and life style similar to the Greenland Inuit.

Back to Kjærgaard et al.’s (2009) research. The 181 grown ups chosen for more screening then had a twelve-lead ECG carried out (this is a commonly utilized take a look at to check out for heart abnormalities). The final results suggested that only two males, aged 62 and sixty three several years, had ischemic coronary heart ailment. All in all, this suggests a prevalence of ischemic coronary heart illness of .11 %, which is really minimal.

(The authors of the write-up approximated the prevalence of ischemic coronary heart condition at per cent, due to the fact they utilised the n = 181, as opposed to the unique n = 1,851, in their calculation. The latter is the appropriate baseline sample measurement, in my opinion. Even now, the authors current the 1.1 percent amount as fairly minimal as effectively, which it is.)

Modern figures (at the time of this post's composing) advise a prevalence of ischemic coronary heart condition in the US of 6.eight percent. That is, the prevalence in the US is sixty three instances greater than amongst the Inuit examined (making use of the .11 % as the basis for comparison). And, it must be mentioned that there are several international locations with a higher prevalence of ischemic coronary heart illness than modern day US.

It is feasible that the reduced prevalence of ischemic heart ailment between the Inuit was partly owing to a larger mortality of people with the condition than in contemporary US, the place health-related intervention can extend one's existence in the presence of nearly any illness. That is, possibly numerous of these Inuit with ischemia would die speedily, and thus would not be captured by a examine like this.

It is uncertain, however, that this would describe a distinction as huge as the one particular observed. Moreover, if many Inuit had been dying thanks to ischemia, there would probably be a lot of evidence suggesting that. (I would think about that the mysterious fatalities connected with chest discomfort, and other relevant symptoms, would be a consistent subject of dialogue.) Reviews from early explorers, nonetheless, propose the reverse (e.g., Stefansson, 1958), and are regular with the research explained here.

In summary, this study implies that the diet regime and way of life of the Greenland Inuit prior to the 1960’s (i.e., not their conventional diet program and lifestyle, but approaching it) could be seen these days as heart-healthier (at the very least for them), even however the Greenland Inuit ate a good deal of animal protein and unwanted fat.


Kjærgaard, M., Andersen, S., Holten, M., Mulvad, G., Kjærgaard, J.J. (2009). Lower occurrence of ischemic coronary heart ailment amid Inuit close to 1963 advised from ECG amid 1851 East Greenland Inuit. Atherosclerosis, 203(2), 599-603.

Stefansson, V. (1958). Eskimo longevity in Northern Alaska. Science, 127(3288), sixteen-19.
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Is working standing up too expensive? It could cost you as little as $10

Shelling out too significantly time sitting down is clearly unnatural, specifically if you sit down on extremely relaxed chairs. Sitting down for every se is probably organic, offered the human anatomy, but not sitting down for several hours in the exact same situation. Also, cozy furniture is an apparently benign Neolithic invention, but above a number of several years it may possibly stealthily contributed to the metabolic syndrome and the ailments of civilization.

Getting an elevated workstation may possibly be a bit pricey. At perform, you may possibly have to go through a bit of a struggle with your employer to get it (except if you are "teh boz"), only to find out that obtaining to function standing up all the time is not what you actually needed. That may possibly not be very all-natural either. So what is one to do? A single possible remedy is to buy a tiny foldable plastic table (or chair) like the a single on the figure beneath, which might price you significantly less than $ 10, and set it on your perform desk. I have been undertaking this for really a even though now, and it functions fine for me.

The picture above displays a notebook laptop. Nonetheless, you can use this table-above-desk approach with a desktop personal computer as properly. And you nonetheless maintain the place below the foldable table, which you can use to area other objects. With a desktop computer this technique would most likely demand two foldable tables to elevate the monitor, keyboard, and mouse. This strategy also performs for studying paperwork and writing with a pen or pencil just put a thick sheet of paper on the foldable desk to make a flat floor (if the foldable table’s floor is not flat currently). And you do not have to be standing up all the time you can sit down as properly after taking away the foldable table. It requires me about 5 seconds to do or undo this setup.

When you sit down, you may possibly want to contemplate employing a pillow like the a single on the photo to drive oneself to sit upright. (You can use it as revealed, or location the pillow flat on the chair and sit on its edge.) Sitting down on a really comfy chair with back support prevents you from using the various belly and back again muscle groups required to preserve posture. As a consequence, you might locate oneself unusually prone to low back again accidents and suffering from “mysterious” belly distress. You will also very very likely lessen your nonexercise exercise thermogenesis (NEAT), which is a major calorie expenditure regulator.

With posture stabilization muscle tissue, as with almost everything else in the human body, the truth is this: if you do not use them, you lose them.
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Growth hormone secretion drops with age, but not exactly in the way you would expect

Numerous individuals presume that growth hormone secretion drops with age in a somewhat linear fashion, as implied by this diagram. This assumption possibly stems from makes an attempt to product expansion hormone versions with linear regression algorithms. This assumption is incorrect.

True plots of expansion hormone secretion designs, with age on the horizontal axes, inform a diverse tale. See, for example, the graphs under, from They match the graphs one particular sees in empirical academic papers. The graphs under (click to enlarge) are particularly good at highlighting some fascinating patterns of variation.

On the remaining aspect, bar charts show secretion styles grouped by age ranges for the duration of a 24 h time period (at the leading), in the course of wake time (at the center), and in the course of slumber (at the base). On the correct aspect is the real information employed to build the bar charts. As you can see from the graphs on the proper facet, the drop in expansion hormone secretion follows a sample that seems a great deal far more like an exponential decay than a linear sample.

The drop is really steep from 15 to 40 a long time of age, right after which it shows some fluctuations, going up and down. Curiously, individuals in their 50s and 60s, at least in this dataset, have on typical increased development hormone levels than folks in their 40s. Of course this could be due to sample bias, but the graphs suggest that there is a major drop in growth hormone secretion, on average, all around age 45.

As you can see, there is a lot of person variation in expansion hormone ranges. If you look very carefully at the graph on the prime-correct corner, you will see a fifty year previous who has a larger 24 h growth hormone secretion than many individuals in fifteen-thirty age selection. This pattern of specific variation is common for the vast vast majority of traits in any case, and often the distribution of attributes follows a typical, or bell-shaped, distribution. The bell-formed distribution gets to be obvious when the traits are plotted dependent on frequency.

Expansion hormone is secreted in pulses. In scenario you are pondering, growth hormone secretion in youthful ladies is increased than in youthful guys. See the graphs beneath (simply click to enlarge), from this excellent article on development hormone by Cummings and Merrian.

Nevertheless, females do not place on a good deal of muscle mass mass in response to fat education, irrespective of the age at which they do excess weight instruction. This implies that development hormone, by itself, does not lead to important gains in muscle mass mass. Androgenic hormones, like testosterone, engage in a key moderator function here. Muscle mass mass acquire is the end result of a amount of factors, including the mixed action of a variety of hormones. To complicate issues additional, not only do these hormones act with each other in an additive style, but they also impact each and every other.

An additional realistic conclusion from the knowledge earlier mentioned on growth hormone secretion in younger women and males is that progress hormone must without a doubt have major health-promoting consequences, as most of the empirical information implies. The explanation is that, from an evolutionary standpoint, young (or pre-menopausal) ladies have often been the evolutionary bottleneck of any inhabitants of ancestral hominids. Higher survival costs amongst young girls have been a great deal a lot more important than large survival charges amid guys in common, in terms of the odds of survival of any inhabitants of ancestral hominids.

Larger survival charges amid youthful ancestral girls may possibly have been enabled by greater ranges of development hormone, between other factors. The onset of the metabolic syndrome, which is usually in present day human beings about age 45, may possibly also be strongly affected by falling progress hormone levels.

How can progress hormone secretion be elevated right after age 45? One clear choice is vigorous exercise, notably resistance workout.
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The baffling rise in seasonal allergies: Global warming or obesity?

The July 26, 2010 problem of Fortune has an interesting established of graphs on webpage 14. It exhibits the increase of allergic reactions in the United states, together with figures on lost efficiency, physician visits, and healthcare expenses. (What would you assume? This is Fortune, and funds matters.) It also shows some amazing maps with allergen concentrations, and how they are very likely to improve with international warming. (See underneath simply click on it to enlarge use the "CRTL" and "+" keys to zoom in, and CRTL" and "-" to zoom out.)

The implication: A rise in world-wide temperatures is leading to an enhance in allergy circumstances. Supposedly the spring season starts earlier, with far more pollen currently being developed all round, and thus more allergy cases.


I checked their figures in opposition to inhabitants growth, since as the inhabitants of a region will increase, so will the absolute number of allergy circumstances (as well as most cancers situations, and situations of nearly any disease). What is important is whether or not there has been an increase in allergy charges, or the proportion of the populace suffering from allergies. Well, certainly, allergy costs have been rising.

Now, I really don't know about your neck of the woods, but temperatures have been unusually minimal this 12 months in South Texas. Global warming could be occurring, but provided recent fluctuations in temperature, I am not positive world-wide warming describes the boosts in allergy charges. Specifically the spike in allergy rates in 2010 this appears to be very not likely to be triggered by worldwide warming.

And I have my very own knowledge of likely from searching like a seal to looking much more like a human being. When I was a seal (i.e., looked like one), I used to have awful seasonal pollen allergy symptoms. Then I lost sixty lbs, and my allergies diminished drastically. Why? Entire body fat secretes a quantity of professional-inflammatory hormones (see, e.g., this put up, and also this one particular), and allergy symptoms are essentially exaggerated inflammatory responses.

So I additional weight problems prices to the mix, and came up with the table and graph under (simply click on it to enlarge).

Weight problems rates and allergy symptoms do appear to go hand in hand, really don't you believe? The correlation amongst being overweight and allergy costs is a substantial .87!

Assuming that this correlation displays moderately effectively the partnership among being overweight and allergy charges (something that is not fully distinct offered the tiny sample), obesity would still make clear only per cent of the variance in allergy charges (this number is the correlation squared). That is, about 24.three percent of the variance in allergy rates would be thanks to other lacking factors.

A sturdy applicant for lacking element is anything that tends to make folks obese in the very first spot, specifically consumption of foods prosperous in refined grains, seeds, and sugars. Yet again, in my knowledge, getting rid of these foods from my diet plan lowered the intensity of allergic reactions, but not as a lot as losing a considerable quantity of human body unwanted fat. We are talking about items like cereals, white bread, doughnuts, pasta, pancakes covered with syrup, regular sodas, and fruit juices. Why? These foodstuff also look to enhance serum concentrations of professional-inflammatory hormones inside of hrs of their usage.

Other candidates are vitamin D stages, and deficiency of publicity to natural environments throughout childhood, just to title a few. Folks look to steer clear of the sun like the plague these times, which can reduced their vitamin D levels. This is a dilemma since vitamin D modulates immune responses so it is critical in the spring, as properly as in the winter season. The deficiency of exposure to organic environments for the duration of childhood may make people much more sensitive to all-natural allergens, like pollen.
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If your NEAT is low, maybe you should chill

var citeN= I wrote most of this put up a even though ago, and then forgot about it. The modern blogosphere storm of remarks relating to cold-induced thermogenesis caught me by shock (citeN=citeN+1document.publish(Quantity(citeN)) ), and presented a enthusiasm to get this put up out. Opposite to popular notion, I guess, chilly-induced thermogenesis is an thoroughly investigated subject matter. Some moderately well cited references are linked right here.

Enable us backtrack a little bit. When men and women say that they want to lose bodyweight, normally what they genuinely want is to lose is entire body body fat. Even so, they usually do items that make them shed what they do not want – muscle mass glycogen, drinking water, and even some muscle protein. Actual physical action in basic depletes muscle mass glycogen even aerobic physical action.

Going for walks, for illustration, depletes muscle glycogen but slowly, and proportionally to how fast one particular walks. Weight coaching and sprints deplete muscle glycogen a lot quicker. Whatsoever depletes muscle mass glycogen also lowers the sum of water stored in myocytes (muscle cells), successfully minimizing muscle mass mass. Depleted muscle glycogen needs to be replenished protein and carbohydrates are the sources. If you deplete muscle mass glycogen through toughness coaching, this will supply a sturdy stimulus for glycogen replenishment and therefore muscle progress, even outside of the authentic level – a phenomenon called supercompensation (citeN=citeN+1document.compose(Quantity(citeN)) ).

In conjunction with toughness education, situations in which a single burns mainly fat, and very little glycogen, ought to be at the best of the listing for those wishing to shed excess weight by getting rid of human body body fat and nothing else. These are not extremely typical however. A single example is nonexercise action thermogenesis (NEAT), or warmth era from nonexercise actions these kinds of as fidgeting (citeN=citeN+1document.write(Variety(citeN)) ). There is a fantastic offer of variation in NEAT across people for some it is higher, for other folks it is annoyingly minimal.

Walking slowly is almost as excellent as NEAT for body unwanted fat burning, when accomplished in conjunction with energy training. Up the rate a bit although, and you’ll be burning a lot more muscle glycogen. But if you stroll slowly and gradually you don’t burn up that a lot body fat for each unit of time. If you wander a bit more quickly you’ll burn off a lot more fat, but also far more glycogen. C’mon, there is no way to earn in this sport!

This is why becoming physically active, in a “non-workout way”, would seem to be so crucial for health jointly with strength training, limiting calorie consumption, and all the although getting a nutritious diet plan. These are not quite typical things in contemporary city environments. Extended expression, there is not a great deal of margin for mistake. It is ultimately a recreation of tiny figures in the short time period, performed in excess of lengthy durations of time.

But there is an different if your NEAT is low – just chill. That is, one more predicament in which a single can burn off mainly fat, and really little glycogen, is publicity to mildly cold temperatures, but earlier mentioned the degree that induces shivering (moderate cold: sixteen degrees Celsius or so about sixty levels Fahrenheit). Shivering in common, and specifically intensive shivering, is connected with stages of muscle activity that would induce glycogen depletion (citeN=citeN+1document.publish(Amount(citeN)) ) (citeN=citeN+1document.publish(Variety(citeN)) ). If muscle mass glycogen depletion occurs while 1 is fasting, liver glycogen will be utilised to replenish muscle glycogen, and also to supply the wants of the brain – which is always hungry for glucose.

As the liver glycogen tank goes down outside of a particular stage, and no protein or carbohydrates are eaten, the entire body will use amino acids from muscle mass to make glucose. Muscle mass glycogen will be locked until it is needed. Exciting eh!? The body sacrifices muscle protein but does not tap into muscle mass glycogen, which is only utilised to gasoline violent muscle mass contractions. We are speaking about combat-or-flight responses listed here. From an evolutionary point of view, sacrificing some muscle mass beats losing a great deal of it to a predator any working day.

Chilly-induced thermogenesis is a extremely fascinating phenomenon. The figure below, in which open circles signify lean and shut circles overweight individuals, exhibits that it leads to diverse responses in lean and obese individuals, and also that it offers a good deal of variation throughout different men and women (like NEAT). This type of thermogenesis in fact would seem to be strongly associated with an boost in NEAT (citeN=citeN+1document.compose(Amount(citeN)) ) though it seems to also be connected with futile cycles used by the physique to generate warmth with no any movement, as in thermogenesis in the course of hibernation in specific animals (citeN=citeN+1document.publish(Quantity(citeN)) ) (citeN=citeN+1document.publish(Amount(citeN)) ). Having far more brown fat as an grownup, or getting capable to make brown unwanted fat more effortlessly, is associated with far more chilly-induced thermogenesis and also with a reduce weight problems danger.

In simple fact, cold-induced thermogenesis leads to an enhance in vitality expenditure that is similar with that of an additional major strength sinkhole – overfeeding (citeN=citeN+1document.write(Quantity(citeN)) ) (citeN=citeN+1document.create(Amount(citeN)) ). As opposed to overfeeding although, chilly-induced thermogenesis does not need calories to go in. And, no, you do not burn off a lot more than you get in with overfeeding.

How can a single burn off excess fat via cold-induced thermogenesis? Here are some suggestions. Established the property thermostat to a mildly chilly temperature in the winter season (this will also conserve you some money). When it is a small cooler than typical, really don't put on hefty garments. Get mildly cold showers, or end a heat shower with some mildly chilly h2o.

What about much more excessive chilly publicity? It must be no surprise that one particular would really feel rather excellent after a dip in ice-chilly h2o that is, if the man or woman does not endure from a glycogen storage illness (e.g., McArdle's disease). At the very least in concept, that variety of cold exposure need to induce complete-entire body muscle mass glycogen depletion, just like an intensive entire-entire body physical exercise session, with the ensuing hormonal alterations (citeN=citeN+1document.publish(Number(citeN)) ).

Growth hormone ought to be up following that, probably for several hours. Carried out right right after bodyweight instruction, or intensive exercise, it could have a boosting effect on the hormonal response. But if you do that in the recovery stage (e.g., numerous several hours following the bodyweight coaching session), it ought to impair muscle restoration. It would be a bit like undertaking an additional energy education session, when the human body is making an attempt to recover from the previous one.
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Niacin turbocharges the growth hormone response to anaerobic exercise: A delayed effect

Niacin is also acknowledged as vitamin B3, or nicotinic acid. It is an important vitamin whose deficiency sales opportunities to pellagra. In huge doses of one to three g for every working day it has several effects on blood lipids, including an increase in HDL cholesterol and a marked lowered in fasting triglycerides. Niacin is also a effective antioxidant.

Between niacin’s other outcomes, when taken in large doses of one to three g for every day, is an acute elevation in progress hormone secretion. This is a delayed effect, frequently transpiring three to 5 several hours right after using niacin. This impact is impartial of workout.

It is critical to notice that massive doses of one to 3 g of niacin are entirely unnatural, and can not be reached by consuming foods abundant in niacin. For example, a single would have to take in a poisonous volume of beef liver (e.g., 15 lbs) to get even shut to 1 g of niacin. Beef liver is a single of the richest natural sources of niacin.

Unless of course we discover out some thing completely unexpected about the diet of our Paleolithic ancestors in the potential, we can securely presume that they in no way benefited from the niacin effects discussed in this submit.

With that caveat, allow us seem at but yet another examine on niacin and its influence on expansion hormone. Stokes and colleagues (2008) performed a study suggesting that, in addition to the over pointed out advantageous consequences of niacin, there is yet another exercise-induced influence: niacin “turbocharges” the development hormone reaction to anaerobic physical exercise. The total reference to the research is at the finish of this put up. Determine three, revealed under, illustrates the influence and its magnitude. Simply click on it to enlarge.

The closed diamond symbols depict the treatment team. In it, members ingested a overall of 2 g of niacin in a few doses: one g ingested at min, .five g at one hundred twenty min, and .five g at 240 min. The manage team ingested no niacin, and is represented by the open square symbols. (The researchers did not use a placebo in the management team they justified this choice by noting that the niacin flush nullified the benefits of making use of a placebo.) The arrows indicate factors at which all-out thirty-second cycle ergometer sprints transpired.

Ignore the lines displaying the serum growth hormone levels in between 120 and three hundred min they ended up not calculated inside that interval.

As you can see, the peak progress hormone response to the 1st sprint was practically two instances higher in the niacin group. In the next dash, at three hundred min, the increase in expansion hormone is about five occasions greater in the niacin team.

We know that progress hormone secretion might rise three hundred percent with exercising, with out niacin. In accordance to this study, this result could be “turbocharged” up to a 600 % rise with niacin inside of 300 min (five h) of getting it, and possibly one,500 p.c soon soon after 300 min handed since taking niacin.

That is, not only does niacin boost development hormone secretion at any time right after it is taken, but 1 still will get the major niacin boost in expansion hormone at around 300 min of taking it (which is about the same, whether you exercise or not). Its secretion amount at this level is, by the way, greater than its greatest amount usually achieved for the duration of deep snooze.

Permit me emphasize that the peak growth hormone degree achieved in the second sprint is about the identical you would get with out exercising, particularly a bit far more than twenty micrograms for every liter, as extended as you took niacin (see Quabbe's articles or blog posts at the finish of this put up).

Nevertheless, if you time your physical exercise session to about 300 min soon after using niacin you may have some additional advantages, since acquiring that peak expansion hormone secretion at the time you are exercising may aid enhance some of the advantages of physical exercise.

For illustration, the excess expansion hormone secretion may lessen muscle mass catabolism and boost muscle mass anabolism, at the exact same time, top to an boost in muscle achieve. Nonetheless, there is evidence that growth hormone-induced muscle obtain takes place only when testosterone amounts are elevated. This describes why expansion hormone stages are typically increased in young women than youthful gentlemen, and but youthful females do not set on significantly muscle mass in reaction to physical exercise.


Stokes, K.A., Tyler, C., & Gilbert, K.L. (2008). The expansion hormone reaction to recurring bouts of sprint exercising with and with no suppression of lipolysis in men. Journal of Utilized Physiology, 104(three), 724-728.
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