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Niacin turbocharges the growth hormone response to anaerobic exercise: A delayed effect

Niacin is also acknowledged as vitamin B3, or nicotinic acid. It is an important vitamin whose deficiency sales opportunities to pellagra. In huge doses of one to three g for every working day it has several effects on blood lipids, including an increase in HDL cholesterol and a marked lowered in fasting triglycerides. Niacin is also a effective antioxidant.

Between niacin’s other outcomes, when taken in large doses of one to three g for every day, is an acute elevation in progress hormone secretion. This is a delayed effect, frequently transpiring three to 5 several hours right after using niacin. This impact is impartial of workout.

It is critical to notice that massive doses of one to 3 g of niacin are entirely unnatural, and can not be reached by consuming foods abundant in niacin. For example, a single would have to take in a poisonous volume of beef liver (e.g., 15 lbs) to get even shut to 1 g of niacin. Beef liver is a single of the richest natural sources of niacin.

Unless of course we discover out some thing completely unexpected about the diet of our Paleolithic ancestors in the potential, we can securely presume that they in no way benefited from the niacin effects discussed in this submit.

With that caveat, allow us seem at but yet another examine on niacin and its influence on expansion hormone. Stokes and colleagues (2008) performed a study suggesting that, in addition to the over pointed out advantageous consequences of niacin, there is yet another exercise-induced influence: niacin “turbocharges” the development hormone reaction to anaerobic physical exercise. The total reference to the research is at the finish of this put up. Determine three, revealed under, illustrates the influence and its magnitude. Simply click on it to enlarge.

The closed diamond symbols depict the treatment team. In it, members ingested a overall of 2 g of niacin in a few doses: one g ingested at min, .five g at one hundred twenty min, and .five g at 240 min. The manage team ingested no niacin, and is represented by the open square symbols. (The researchers did not use a placebo in the management team they justified this choice by noting that the niacin flush nullified the benefits of making use of a placebo.) The arrows indicate factors at which all-out thirty-second cycle ergometer sprints transpired.

Ignore the lines displaying the serum growth hormone levels in between 120 and three hundred min they ended up not calculated inside that interval.

As you can see, the peak progress hormone response to the 1st sprint was practically two instances higher in the niacin group. In the next dash, at three hundred min, the increase in expansion hormone is about five occasions greater in the niacin team.

We know that progress hormone secretion might rise three hundred percent with exercising, with out niacin. In accordance to this study, this result could be “turbocharged” up to a 600 % rise with niacin inside of 300 min (five h) of getting it, and possibly one,500 p.c soon soon after 300 min handed since taking niacin.

That is, not only does niacin boost development hormone secretion at any time right after it is taken, but 1 still will get the major niacin boost in expansion hormone at around 300 min of taking it (which is about the same, whether you exercise or not). Its secretion amount at this level is, by the way, greater than its greatest amount usually achieved for the duration of deep snooze.

Permit me emphasize that the peak growth hormone degree achieved in the second sprint is about the identical you would get with out exercising, particularly a bit far more than twenty micrograms for every liter, as extended as you took niacin (see Quabbe's articles or blog posts at the finish of this put up).

Nevertheless, if you time your physical exercise session to about 300 min soon after using niacin you may have some additional advantages, since acquiring that peak expansion hormone secretion at the time you are exercising may aid enhance some of the advantages of physical exercise.

For illustration, the excess expansion hormone secretion may lessen muscle mass catabolism and boost muscle mass anabolism, at the exact same time, top to an boost in muscle achieve. Nonetheless, there is evidence that growth hormone-induced muscle obtain takes place only when testosterone amounts are elevated. This describes why expansion hormone stages are typically increased in young women than youthful gentlemen, and but youthful females do not set on significantly muscle mass in reaction to physical exercise.


Stokes, K.A., Tyler, C., & Gilbert, K.L. (2008). The expansion hormone reaction to recurring bouts of sprint exercising with and with no suppression of lipolysis in men. Journal of Utilized Physiology, 104(three), 724-728.
Title: Niacin turbocharges the growth hormone response to anaerobic exercise: A delayed effect
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