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Potassium deficiency in low carbohydrate dieting: High protein and fat alternatives that do not involve supplementation

It is typically pointed out, at least anecdotally, that potassium deficiency is widespread amongst reduced carbohydrate dieters. Potassium deficiency can lead to a amount of unpleasant signs and symptoms and well being issues. This micronutrient is existing in tiny quantities in meat and seafood primary resources are plant food items.

A whilst ago this has gotten me contemplating and asking myself: what about isolated hunter-gatherers that seem to be to have thrived consuming largely carnivorous diet programs with small potassium, this sort of as numerous Native American tribes?

Another imagined arrived to brain, which is that animal protein would seem to be connected with enhanced bone mineralization, even when calcium intake is minimal. That appears to be because of to animal protein becoming connected with elevated absorption of calcium and other minerals that make up bone tissue.

Maybe animal protein intake is also associated with elevated potassium absorption. If this is true, what could be the feasible system?

As it turns out, there is one attainable and fairly shocking connection, insulin looks to market cell uptake of potassium. This is an argument manufactured many several years back by Clausen and Kohn, and additional discussed far more lately by Benziane and Chibalin. See also this current commentary by Clausen.

Protein is the only macronutrient that normally leads to transient insulin elevation with out any glucose response. And the insulin response to protein is nowhere around that associated with refined carbohydrate-abundant foodstuff. It is much lower, analogous to the reaction to normal carbohydrate-abundant foodstuff.

A quite low carbohydrate diet regime with more animal protein, and significantly less body fat, would induce insulin responses soon after foods, potentially helping with the absorption of potassium, even if potassium consumption were instead limited. Primarily carnivorous eating plans, like those of some classic Native American teams, would in shape the invoice.

Also, a minimal carbohydrate diet program with emphasis on unwanted fat, but that was not so lower in carbohydrates from certain resources, would possibly achieve the same impact. This latter seems like Kwaśniewski’s Ideal Diet, the place folks are inspired to try to eat a great deal more body fat than protein, but also a modest sum of carbohydrates (e.g., 50-one hundred g/d) from items like potatoes.

Kwaśniewski’s ideas may sound counterintuitive occasionally. But, as it turns out, potatoes are great sources of potassium. One potato may not be a great deal, but that potato will also increase insulin amounts, bringing potassium ingestion up at the cell stage.
Title: Potassium deficiency in low carbohydrate dieting: High protein and fat alternatives that do not involve supplementation
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