Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Liver and meatballs separated by a wall of sweet potatoes

A commenter wrote right here some time ago that she appreciated to eat rice simply because rice can be easily utilized to individual meals products on a plate. One can just as very easily use sweet potatoes to do that planning the sweet potatoes in significantly considerably less time than the rice. This submit describes how, with a easy recipe.

- Minimize up half of a sweet potato as demonstrated on the first photo beneath, incorporating coconut oil or butter to prevent the items from sticking to a microwave-protected saucepan.
- Microwave the sweet potato pieces in high warmth for about 5 minutes.
- Use the sweet potatoes to individual foods items as in the second photo underneath, displaying beef liver and meatballs with their respective sauces.
- Include the dish with a soaked paper towel to prevent spilling, and microwave it for as lengthy as needed to warmth up the meats. In this circumstance, two minutes in higher warmth was enough. That will further cook the sweet potato, but not to the level of burning it.

The earlier mentioned assumes that the beef liver and meatballs are leftovers that had been cooked prior to. In this instance, we have about ½ lb of meat and ½ of a sweet potato. As significantly as plant foods are worried, sweet potatoes are at the quite higher stop of the nourishment density scale. This is a quite nutritious and satiating food (for me) with over fifty five g of protein, as nicely as a excellent combine of macro- and micro-vitamins and minerals.
Title: Liver and meatballs separated by a wall of sweet potatoes
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