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Are Animal Crackers Paleo?

Every youngster enjoys animal crackers, people sweet and crunchy animal-formed biscuits.  But are they compatible with a Paleo diet regime?  Some individuals might think they already know the response, but think about this: our ancestors progressed on the African savanna, consuming the plants and animals discovered there.  Within each and every box of animal crackers is an assortment of very small savanna creatures such as giraffes and elephants.

To get to the base of this, I interviewed Robert Pearson, CEO of Animal Cracker Products Inc., who defined to me how these crackers are manufactured.

What is the history of animal crackers?

In 19th century Britain, a intelligent entrepreneur experienced the notion to make animal-formed sweet biscuit snacks.  These turned so common that they ended up eventually exported to the US.  Producers eventually commenced creating them domestically.  Today, Animal Cracker Products Inc. shares the US industry with Nabisco, Keebler, and Stauffer, but our cracker is the only one particular which is nevertheless created from 100 per cent animals-- the other goods are up to thirty percent filler.

 Can you clarify how animal crackers are created?

I can not inform you all the specifics, but here's the standard process.  First, we just take little one animals and place them in a special patented press.  We utilize high pressure for seventeen hrs, until finally they're flat and reduced in dimension.  We then dry them in the California solar for one particular 7 days, which produces the attribute texture and beige colour. 

How do you select which animals to contain?

Our primary market is children.  Emphasis teams have demonstrated that children prefer crackers made from giraffes, elephants, and tigers to warthogs, opossums, and sloths. 

We also choose animals that enable us to make a solution at a sensible value stage.  Men and women really like African savanna animals but they're high-priced, so we mix them with much less costly animals like horses, bears, and sheep.  If there's ample desire in the Paleo community, we would think about generating an all-African cracker mix, but the price would be fifty-70 % larger. 

Thanks for your time Robert!

Small animals?  What could be much more Paleo than that??

April fools!

Photograph credit score: S. Diddy (Flickr CC).

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